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Retrofit Electronic Message Centers

Econo-Trac is ideal for easily transforming a changeable marquee sign into an electronic message center!

Why Choose Econo-Trac?

  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy Installation
  • Powerful Communication
  • Ultra-Thin 1.5" Deep Cabinet
  • Fits into existing changeable copy tracks
  • Available in Red or Amber
Slide display into existing copy track rails just like your old plastic numbers.
Adjust tracking system on display until it is attached securely.
Connect power cable to display.


Awesome visibility! No major installs & no expensive monthly internet or communication fees! Better yet - no more suction cup on a stick!
Eric Estes, President/CEO Estes Enterprises Inc.
When I saw how easy it was to operate, I was really excited! We can change the messages every day & even include multiple messages!
Adam Carver, Owner Carver's Steak & Buffet Concepts, Inc.

Before & After

Slide the arrow to see before and after comparison.
Slide the arrow to see before and after comparison.


LED Viewing Angle


LED Rating

100,000+ Hours

LED Colors Available

Red = 630nm; Amber = 592nm

Display Configuration

Single or Double Sided


Wireless LCD Keyboard
(1,000+ ft / 304= m range)

Operating Voltage

120 -220 Volts AC

Operating Temperature

-40° to 122° F / -40° to 50° C

Product Approval

FCC Compliant

Safety Listing


Cabinet Materials

UV Resistant PVC / ABS Cabinet
UV Resistant Protective Lexan Face

Cabinet Color



Three-Year Factory Warranty

Special Features

Automatic Brightness Adjustment
Non-volatile memory (stores last message displayed)


Windows PC or Windows Tablet

Text is sent to the Econo-Trac WiFi as a message file with up to 10 pages. As many as 20 message files can be stored in chronological order or scheduled to be displayed by day of the week. Up to 250 sign locations can be assigned on the Network tab. Message files can be sent to individual signs or to sign groups.

There are six tabs with different functions: Editor, Schedule, Calendar, Utilities, Send, and Network. A terminal box is located at the bottom of each tab. This terminal will show information on the current process and report any errors encountered.


6-inch Series

2 LEDs Per Pixel; 70 LEDs Per Character

8-inch Series

3 LEDs Per Pixel; 105 LEDs Per Character

10-inch Series

3 LEDs Per Pixel; 105 LEDs Per Character

12-inch Series

4 LEDs Per Pixel; 140 LEDs Per Character

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